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Tynemouth Priory Coaster

Tynemouth Priory Coaster

Tynemouth Priory & Castle, Tynemouth


Tynemouth headland has a complex history going back 2,000 years. The castle and priory sit on the rocky headland above the mouth of the River Tyne, overlooking the North Sea and Tynemouth Pier. Dominating this section of the North East Coastline, Tynemouth headland was once one of the largest fortified areas in England.


The moated castle-towers, gatehouse and keep are combined with the ruins of the Benedictine priory where the three kings were buried (represented by the three crowns in Tynemouth's crest).


A Brief History


Little is known about the early history and origins of the site. Some Roman stones have been found there, but there is no definite evidence that it was occupied by the Romans. It is thought that the Priory was founded early in the 7th century, perhaps by Edwin of Northumbria.


In 651 King Oswine, of the ancient kingdom of Deira, was murdered by his northern rival King Oswiu of Bernicia (another ancient kingdom of Northumbria), and subsequently his body was brought to Tynemouth for burial by Oswiu who established the monastery there in penance for Oswine's murder. King Oswine became St. Oswine and his burial place became a shrine visited by pilgrims. He was the first of the three kings buried at Tynemouth.


St. Bede wrote about Heribald, an abbot of Tynemouth who died in 745, which is evidence that the monastery still existed in the early 8th Century. It was sufficiently established as a priory in 792 when Osred II, King of a united Northumbria, was the second king to be buried there.


The third kind to be buried at Tynemouth Priory was King Malcolm III of Scotland who died during a final attempt, in a long string of failed attempts, to invade Northumbria. He was defeated and slain by Robert de Mowbray, the Earl of Northumberlad, at the Battle of Alnwick in 1093 and his remains were interred at Tynemouth – though they were later reburied next to those of his wife, Margaret, at Dunfermline Abbey in the thirteenth century.


Please Note: The artwork engraved onto this product is an original illustration, hand drawn and designed by Coastin' Along Ltd. who own all copyrights to the design.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown.


Special Offer: A discount of at least 10%  will be applied when you select a set of 4 or 6 from the quantity option menu. The same discount will be applied to sets of 4 and 6 of mixed & matched designs too, you can find this option back in the coaster section and gifts/bundles section of the shop.

  • Wood Coasters

    • Approx 10cm x 10cm / 10cm diameter
    • 3mm Plywood
    • Varnished by hand with a non-toxic water-based varnish
    • 4 x anti-slip rubber feet attached to base by hand
    • Not dishwasher friendly
    • Not suitable for soaking in water
    • Can be cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe or sprayed with an anti-bacterial agent then wiped down with a damp cloth or paper towel, dry thoroughly after cleaning.
    • This product is made from a natural material and therefore may vary slightly in appearance from images shown as well as there being slight variations between products made from the same material.
    • Wood contains natural markings and patterns, these markings make each an every coaster beautifully unique.
  • Slate Coasters

    • Approx 10cm x 10cm
    • Slate is a natural product and therefore may not be a perfect symmetrical shape. It also means that products may vary slightly in appearance from images shown as well as there being slight variations between products made from the same material.
    • Comes with 4 x anti-slip foam feet on base
    • Not suitable for dishwashing machines or soaking in water.
    • This product can be cleaned with an anti-bacterial wet wipe and left to dry naturally.
  • Cork Coasters

    • Approx 9cm x 9cm
    • Approx 0.5cm thick
    • Cork is a natural product and therefore may be slight variations between each product.
    • Not suitable for dishwashing machines or soaking in water.
    • This product may be cleaned gently with an anti-bacterial wet wipe. However, this may diminish the quality of the engraving over time, therefore we recommend using the reverse side of the coaster to rest your cup on.
PriceFrom £4.50
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