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A West-Ender and a Northumbrian started a business...


(by the way, that is genuinely the start of our story and not actually the start of a joke, sorry to disappoint)

...way back at the very beginning of the first lockdown of 2020 when we still had a glimmer of hope in our souls, just enough to fuel the fire of our stir-crazy entrepreneurial and creative minds, we sat in the backgarden in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne on a sunny afternoon and hatched a business plan that would allow us to carry on the legacy of a wedding business that, with the wedding industry being forced to come to an abrupt halt for the foreseeable, decided it was time to stop trading.

We spent many, many hours of lockdown spitballing ideas for products, designs, collections, branding. Planning every last little detail while we were, in hindsight, gifted this endless amount of down time. I'd love to say this means we were fully prepared for go time, are currently smashing the organisation side of running a business and completely have our shit together but the reality of running a small business is absolute chaos, magical, but chaos nonetheless that no amount of planning can prepare you for. We still have many many designs and ideas we are yet to bring to life from our lockdown notepads, so please bear with us as we surf this wave together.

Primarily, we create gifts, keepsakes, and home accessories with wooden, slate & cork items. We engrave these items with our original designs & illustrations that we have spent endless hours conjuring and creating. We design, draw, paint, glue, varnish, construct, decorate, add attachments such as coaster feet or ribbon, and absolutely everything in between by hand.

As you can probably tell by our products, we are obsessed with the beautiful North East England which we are so lucky to call home and are extremely proud Geordies, creating and making right here in the North East of England fills us with no end of pride. Of course, we also try our best to accommodate custom and special requests (email: so don't be shy if you have something you'd like us to create for you.

We also want you to know that we try our best to be environmentally conscious wherever possible. We use plastic free, recycled and recyclable packaging, water-based and non-toxic varnish, and occasionally engage in tree planting and mini clean up operations whenever we can. Stay tuned for community events we are hoping to organise in the future and maybe some blog/vlog updates.

Keep calm & coast along, lots of love, Amy & James x



Facebook Page: Coastin' Along

Instagram: @coastinalong

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