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Sycamore Gap Wood Bauble

Sycamore Gap Wood Bauble

These baubles are hand crafted using 3 layers of plywood.


The baubles depict a snowy scene of one of our many charming North East locations, with the hand painted snowy sky as the background layer, one of our hand drawn North East landmarks as the centre layer, finished off with a ring of text (name of either the landmark or the location) for the final top layer.


Ribbon: Ribbon included. Colour is randomly allocated unless otherwise specified.


Size: Approx. 75mm in diameter.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown


Please Note: The artwork engraved onto this product is an original illustration, hand drawn and designed by Coastin' Along Ltd. who own all copyrights to the design.

  • Sycamore Gap

    The most famous Sycamore tree in the world, and now tragically, the most mourned. A once cherished and adored landmark that stood proud and powerful along a dramatic part of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, in the middle of a dip in the landscape. The bauble's illustration depicts Sycamore Gap before the unforgivable removal of the tree.

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