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Mad Hatter Tea Party Tray

Mad Hatter Tea Party Tray

A bamboo serving tray engraved with our original design created using Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations from Lewis Carroll's Novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and a quote from one of the movies based on the book (at the time of writing this I forgot exactly which film this was and when I attempted to source check I found contradicting informartion so stay tuned for confirmation).


Perfect to serve/carry/contain all of your tea party essentials on! Or equally as perfect as a quirky statement/decorative piece.


Approx. 33cm x 25cm


Engraved tray only - other items in photo not included.


Please Note: The design engraved onto this product is an original design, created by Coastin' Along Ltd. who own all copyrights to the design.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown.

  • User Instructions

    NOT dishwasher friendly or suitable for soaking in water. To clean, use an anti-bacterial agent and a lint free cloth. Ensure to dry thoroughly after cleaning.

    NOT food safe. Please do not use this tray as a chopping board, it is not suitable for cutting food on. Please do not consume food that has come into direct contact with this tray without the food having had protection from the surface of the tray by it's packaging, being in crockery or on kitchen roll, etc.

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