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Consett Map Plaque

Consett Map Plaque

Consett, County Durham, North East England, UK.


The map plaques are made using 2 layers of plywood. In the instance of the map area containing a body of water (lake, river, sea), this will be cut out of the top layer which the map is engraved onto and the bottom layer will be texture-painted blue where the body of water is located.


Disclaimer: Our products are made by hand and from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown


Please Note: We are unable to provide accurate sizes for our small, medium, and large options as the exact size will vary depending on the shape of the map area you have chosen e.g. where one area may fit onto a rectanglular shaped plaque, another may fit onto a square shaped plaque, meaning the measurements between the two would be different even if the small, medium, or large option was selected for both.


However, we can offer approximate ranges for each option, but please keep in mind your plaque can vary from these approximations by a few cm's either side so are to be used as a rough guide only:

  • Small: Approx. 10cm x 10cm
  • Medium: Approx. A4 paper size
  • Large: Approx. A3 paper size


If you need to know the exact measurements of the map plaque before you can purchase, please send us an email containing the map location you would be wanting engraved and your preferred size option so we can let you know what the measurements would be. Please only request exact meausurements if absolutely necessary as this process is very time consuming.



    PriceFrom £10.00
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