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Tyne Bridge Polaroid Plaque

Tyne Bridge Polaroid Plaque

Decorative photoframe/polaroid style plaque complete with an engraved photograph of the Tyne Bridge on the base layer, and the wording "NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE" engraved on the top layer framing the image. This item is handmade using 2 layers of 3mm birch plywood and can be varnished/lacqured for extra protection but is not suitable for outdoor use.

  • Disclaimer

    Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown.

  • Copyright Notice

    The image engraved onto this product is owned and copyrighted (in all formats; engraved, original, and otherwise) by Coastin' Along Ltd. who also own all copyrights to the design of this product.

  • Measurements

    Small: 100mm x 130mm x 60mm

    Medium: 150mm x 195mm x 60mm

    Large: 200mm x 260mm x 60mm

PriceFrom £10.00
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