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St. James' Park Bauble

St. James' Park Bauble

These baubles are hand crafted using 3 layers of plywood.


The St. James' Park bauble depicts a black & white snowy scene of the beloved football stadium, with the hand painted black & white snowy sky as the background layer, our hand drawn St. James' Park as the centre layer, finished off with a ring of engraved text (select your preferred text from the menu) for the final top layer.


Ribbon: Ribbon included. Colour is allocated at random (will be either Black or White) unless otherwise specified.


Size: Approx. 75mm in diameter.


Text: Select the text you want engraved from the option menu. Image will be of St. James' Park regardless of text chosen.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown


Please Note: The artwork engraved onto this product is an original illustration, hand drawn and designed by Coastin' Along Ltd. who own all copyrights to the design.

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