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Photo Drawing Chopping Board

Photo Drawing Chopping Board

Please send your photograph to upon completing your purchase of this item along with your order no. and any additional instructions you'd like us to consider.


Prices vary depending on style of chopping board selected. Details can be found in the additional info section.


Enter any text you may want engraved and any design instructions/requests you may have e.g. border, no border, placement, etc. in the relevant text boxes. 


Photograph Criteria: You must be the owner, or have permission from the owner, of any images you send to us for engraving. The image you send must be the original digital file or if a physical photograph, scanned into a computer to create a digital file. We do not accept screenshots, resaved images from google images, social media etc. or digital photographs of the physical versions. Image must be of high quality and subject of photograph must be clear as possible.


Please Note: We reserve the right to feature your personalised item for promotional purposes on our website, social media, etc. but please contact us to let us know if you would prefer we waited until after a certain date to do so e.g. in the case of a birthday or christmas present where you may wish to keep the item a surprise from the recipient. We also reserve the right to re-use any illustrations/designs we create per your personalisation request in our own standard product range. This would of course only apply to generic designs that do not contain any personal or identifying information.


Production/Dispatch Time: Please be advised that personalised items may take up to 10 working days to be dispatched or ready for collection. We do strive to keep this turnaround time as short as possible but have to advise that it may well take this long during busier periods.


Warning: Please make sure you check your spelling before submitting your personalisation text as this item will be engraved exactly how you type it into the text box. Orders cannot be cancelled or modified once submitted.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown.

  • Measurements & Details

    Standard (with hole handle):

    • Bamboo
    • 23cm x 30cm
    • 1cm thick
    • Lightweight

    Premium Large (light):

    • Wooden
    • 24cm x 33cm
    • 1.5cm thick
    • Solid, weighty

    Premium Large (dark):

    • Wooden
    • 24cm x 34cm
    • 1.5cm thick
    • Solid, weighty

    Premium Small (light):

    • Wooden
    • 20cm x 29cm
    • 1.5cm thick
    • Solid, weighty
  • User Instructions

    • Not suitable for dishwashing machines
    • Not suitable for being submerged in water
    • Hand clean only with an anti-bacterial agent and lint-free cloth/cleaning equipment e.g. freshly cut lemon and rock salt, rubber/silicone scrubber, hard bristle scubbing brush etc.
    • Avoid using dishclothes, sponges, tea towels, etc. when cleaning as lint/fibres may get trapped in parts of the engraving
    • Rinse and dry thoroughly before initial use, subsequent reuse, and storing
    • Use the reverse for cutting/chopping to avoid causing damage to the engraving
PriceFrom £20.00
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