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Personalised Charm Bracelet

Handmade with 3 pieces of knotting chord and a miniature wooden charm.


Approx. 7" in length. Please contact us directly is you require a smaller or larger size. Children's sizes also available upon request.


Please select your 3 colours from the drop down menus and then enter what you'd like for your charm in the text box. Charm examples: outlines of countries, cities, counties/regions, etc., basic shapes such as stars, hearts, etc. Please remember charms are made from wood and will not be coloured. They are also very small (approx 1cm) so something with a lot of detail will not be appropriate. If you do not wish to have a charm attached to your bracelet, please leave the text box blank.

    Colour #1
    Colour #2
    Colour #3
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