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Herd Groyne Lighthouse Print

Herd Groyne Lighthouse Print

A4 print of our Herd Groyne Lighthouse, South Shields original illustration on premium quality fine art textured paper with black cardboard mount included.


356mm x 280mm (with mount)

297mm x 210mm (without mount)


Please Note: The artwork printed onto this product is an original illustration, hand drawn and designed by Coastin' Along Ltd. who own all copyrights to the design.

  • A Brief Description

    This iron Victorian lighthouse built in 1882, before the construction of the North and South piers were completed which were built between 1854 and 1895, is still used to guide ships in and out of the Tyne today from up to 13 miles away and is just one of a few left in the country with an operational fog bell. 


    HERD comes from the stretch of beach the lighthouse resides upon, known today as "Littlehaven", it was formerly known as "Herd Sands" and GROYNE is the name for a stone structure that is built to control land erosion which in this case refers to the pier (aptly named The Groyne Pier) the lighthouse was built upon. The Groyne Pier was built between 1861 and 1867 to help guide the flow of the River Tyne and protect Littlehaven beach from being swept away by the tide.

  • Copyright Notice

    Coastin' Along Ltd. own all rights to all artwork, illustrations, and designs that are created and sold by Coastin' Along Ltd. This includes this, and all other, artwork sold as prints via 

    All rights reserved. No part of this illustration may be reproduced or used in any manner other than it's intended personal use as a physical decorative piece without written permission from the copyright owner.

PriceFrom £19.00
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