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Personalised Coaster

Personalised Coaster

Create a personlised coaster for yourself or as a thoughtful gift! It might be that the recipient is obsessed with a certain animal or food, you may want to commemorate a special date, or create a keepsake of a fond memory or special place, capture an inside joke or acknowledge a special relationship, whatever the request - we will try our absolute best to accommodate and bring your vision to life.



Once you have placed your order, please send us your image* or personalisation idea/request via along with your order reference number and any text you may want added to it.


You can of course request an illustration from our existing library, for example, a North East Landmark, to be included in your personalisation request. You may see examples of where this has been the case for previous custom orders we have created in the image gallery.


If you are only wanting text engraved on your personalised coaster and have no specific requests or instructions for us, then please feel free to use the "Custom Text" box.


You will receive a proof of your design once it has been created. It will only be engraved once you have confirmed you are happy to go ahead.


If you are sending us your own image, we will only accept basic images (logos, line drawings, etc.) and/or text. You must be the owner of, or have permission from the owner to use, any image you send us for engraving. It must be the original PNG file and of highest possible quality (no screenshots or re-saved images from other sources e.g. Facebook or Google Images).



We will not accept photographs unless we have reviewed and accepted your request first, so please do not complete checkout with this item if you intend to send a photograph unless you have recieved confirmation from ourselves first. To request to use a photograph for your personalisation please fill out the form on our "Custom Requests" page, once we have reviewed your request we will send you a confirmation email with our decision and further instructions on how to complete your order.


You must be the owner, or have permission from the owner to use, any photographs you submit for personalisation. You must email us the original digital file or a scanned in copy (if the original is a physical photograph). We do not accept screenshots, photos re-saved from other sources such as Facebook or Google Images, digital photos taken of the physical version, etc. The photograph must be of a reasonably high quality where the subject is as clear as possible, and have as little background noise as possible, contrast between background and subject of photo is also advisable. No background at all is even better unless you would prefer it to be inlcuded.


Photographs can only be engraved on wood coasters. When you have arrived at this page after receiving confirmation of order acceptance and you are selecting your prefered options for your photograph coaster, please select either the wood (circle) or wood (square) option, depending on your preference of shape. 


Production/Dispatch Time:

Please be advised that personalised items may take up to 10 working days to be dispatched or ready for collection. We do strive to keep this turnaround time as short as possible but have to advise that it may well take this long during busier periods. A timely response from yourselves with confirmation upon receipt of the design proof will contribute to production and dispatch time.


Warning: Please make sure you check your spellings and that the wording you request is all correct as it will be engraved exactly how you send it to us.


Disclaimer: Our products are made from natural materials therefore may vary slightly in appearance to the images shown.


Please Note: We reserve the right to feature your personalised item for promotional purposes on our website, social media, etc. but please contact us to let us know if you would prefer we waited until after a certain date to do so e.g. in the case of a birthday or christmas present where you may wish to keep the item a surprise from the recipient. We also reserve the right to re-use any illustrations/designs we create per your personalisation request in our own standard product range. This would of course only apply to generic designs that do not contain any personal or identifying information.


Special Offer: A discount of at least 10%  will be applied when you select a set of 4 or 6 from the quantity option menu. The same discount will be applied to sets of 4 and 6 of mixed & matched designs too, you can find this option back in the coaster section and gifts/bundles section of the shop.

  • Wood Coasters

    • Approx 10cm x 10cm / 10cm diameter
    • 3mm Plywood
    • Varnished by hand with a non-toxic water-based varnish
    • 4 x anti-slip rubber feet attached to base by hand
    • Not dishwasher friendly
    • Not suitable for soaking in water
    • Can be cleaned with an anti-bacterial wipe or sprayed with an anti-bacterial agent then wiped down with a damp cloth or paper towel, dry thoroughly after cleaning.
    • This product is made from a natural material and therefore may vary slightly in appearance from images shown as well as there being slight variations between products made from the same material.
    • Wood contains natural markings and patterns, these markings make each an every coaster beautifully unique.
  • Slate Coasters

    • Approx 10cm x 10cm
    • Slate is a natural product and therefore may not be a perfect symmetrical shape. It also means that products may vary slightly in appearance from images shown as well as there being slight variations between products made from the same material.
    • Comes with 4 x anti-slip foam feet on base
    • Not suitable for dishwashing machines or soaking in water.
    • This product can be cleaned with an anti-bacterial wet wipe and left to dry naturally.
  • Cork Coasters

    • Approx 9cm x 9cm
    • Approx 0.5cm thick
    • Cork is a natural product and therefore may be slight variations between each product.
    • Not suitable for dishwashing machines or soaking in water.
    • This product may be cleaned gently with an anti-bacterial wet wipe. However, this may diminish the quality of the engraving over time, therefore we recommend using the reverse side of the coaster to rest your cup on.
PriceFrom £7.00
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